The chandelier was named Ausos, in honor of the goddess of dawn, fertility, spring and beauty of the ancient Proto-Indo-European religion. Her name can be translated as "the shining one", an epithet that can equally be attributed to this lamp. It is also symbolic that like an ancient goddess Ausos chandelier can provide local dawn in a room.

According to researches, the blue spectrum of light helps suppress the production of the hormone melatonin, responsible for drowsiness. By the time of the bell, the room will be fully lit, and a person is smoothly and gradually prepared for awakening.

At the latitude of Moscow, the minimal duration of day is 7 hours. In December, the sun rises around 9 a.m., which is about 2-3 hours later than the average wake-up time. Inhabitants of northern countries can tell a lot how hard is to awake in the dark.

Ausos luminaries are designed to help to overcome this problem. The lamp turns on in a customizable time before the alarm-clock starts to bell, gradually changing the intensity of lighting from the minimum to the preset one, as well as the spectrum of lighting, from blue and pinkish to daytime white, simulating dawn.

Lighting control is carried out through a mobile application that is integrated with the smartphone alarm clock. So, there is not need to set the alarm time, melody and so on each time. All you need is to connect the device once, activate the light alarm function and after that everything will be done according your usual rituals, with the additional dawn-simulating light and without any additional devices. At the same time, if necessary, advanced settings are available, in particular, you can set the duration of the light alarm, the intensity of lighting etc.

The lighting controller is programmed in a way to provide to external systems standardized API for controlling all functions of the light source. So architecture of the lighting set allows to realize all logic outside the device and make software at the controller level as simple as possible. It provides high scalability of devices from the point of view of production as well as functional. You can just update the mobile application to provide new features to the physical device. In particular, in the future the current mobile application will be amplified to support integration with Siri, Alexa and other voice assistants to reach a new level of comfort by using device.

The shape of the lamp was inspired by ancient symbols associated with the sun, such as solar cross, kolovrat and so on.

Cultures separated by centuries and thousands of kilometers used similar symbols to depict the sun, based on concentric circles and straight lines. These principles were used in Ausos lamp.

The chandelier was created in a way to provide diffused light with the minimal energy loss, since there is the reflector covered with silver finish, with 90% light reflection coefficient.