This lamp from a series of fixtures Ausos, managed with a smartphone and having the function of a light alarm-clock. Ausos luminaries are designed to help residents of northern countries, who for a significant part of the year are forced to get up in the dark. Lamps can provide a smooth awakening and reduce the level of stress for a person. At the same time, it is not just light alarm-clock, but spectacular and elegant table lamp that serves as an additional light source

As a light source, there is used bright RGB LED strip and to make the light soft and comfortable for people eyes lamp has reflector made from steel. The reflector is covered with a special diffusing silver finish, which has a 90% reflectance to minimize the light loss and provide energy-effecting device

The design of the lamp allows to change the height of the light source for convenient use. The shape of the reflector changes the direction of the rays from the light source in order to organize a local light flux, bright enough for one person, but not interfering with the other. This makes the lamp very comfortable to use in a bed

Luminous flux of the lamp is 300 lm